Furniture sustainability got political focus

A concrete example of sustainable furniture thinking at Magnus Olesen: Worn airport furniture is refurbished for reuse. (Photo: Uffe Elbæk)

In the middle of April, furniture manufacturer Magnus Olesen A/S received a fine political visit. It was the political leader of the party The Alternative, Uffe Elbæk, who showed up at the plant in Durup to learn about sustainable business models.

At Magnus Olesen, the management has for a long time been working with design to separate (DFD) and circular economy. This experience has sharpened the company’s focus on a more sustainable production and development of new business areas, based on design thinking.

This is put into practice through action on three areas, namely to extend the life of products, to find new integrated solutions that reduce waste and adverse environmental impacts, and to develop new business models based on circular economy and Cradle-to-Cradle principles.

“For Magnus Olesen, this has been an extremely rewarding process that has prepared us for the future in several ways. Specifically, we are now launching a brand new service concept that offers furniture and related services, which prolong the product use phase, update and re-use. A concept that will create added value and conserve our many government and commercial customers for considerable sums, while also improving resource efficiency,” says Nils Knudsen, CEO at Magnus Olesen.

With new, greener business models, there will also be greater demands on designers and product development based on ideas about separation design that allows update, refurbishment and recycling of new products. For Magnus Olesen, this means the additional benefits of maintaining production in Denmark, when the furniture is taken back and service is performed on it.

“In the future, this may mean that our production will be expanded as the service concept is developed and new green business models are implemented. Overall, we are pleased with these new prospects for our industry, and I am happy about thedialogue with Uffe Elbæk, who, if any, advocates for greener growth and production in Denmark,  says Nils Knudsen.

Uffe Elbæk. (Photo: Steen Brogaard)

On his Facebook page, Uffe Elbæk expresses great satisfaction with the visit to Magnus Olesen: “This day I have spent in Durup. First, a very, very inspiring visit to the furniture company Magnus Olesen. Why it was inspiring? Because they specifically work on developing a sustainable business model for the circular economy within their industry. This means that they not only recycle material – no, they take worn furniture and recreate it in an even better version. For example, in collaboration with Copenhagen Airport, they recycle the old airport furniture and bring it up to date, instead of buying new furniture,” the politician said.

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