Furniture Manufacturer Findahl and the Skagen Chair


Findahl Furniture Manufacturer dates back to 1946, when Chresten Findahl began the production of kitchens, wardrobes, and furniture frames ready to order.

In 1962, the chair Mosbøl was launched, which became a great success with more than 1 million copies.

It was at that time that Findahl developed into what we know today – a furniture manufacturer producing high quality chairs.

Today, the company is led by the son Orla, who has taken over the responsibility and legacy of the factory and for a beautiful Danish tradition.

See for example the Skagen Chair, designed by the architect Kurt Østervig.

The chair is made of solid walnut and comes with many different types of upholstery in fabric and leather.

A nice detailed chair with a beautiful expression.

Findahl Furniture Manufacturer
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