Furniture-Denmark has joined the Euro 2016 football championship

The Aiko lounge chair is one of the furniture models that Softline has delivered to the French Euro 2016 football stadiums. Design: Susanne Grønlund.

Unfortunately, it proved impossible for the Danish national team to qualify for participation in the European football championship, which exactly in these weeks take place in France. Nevertheless, there is Danish representation on some of the football stadiums used for matches. These include Stade de France in Paris and the Stade de Lyon, where lounge areas during the championships are furnished with seating furniture from the Danish upholstery furniture specialist Softline.

For many years, Softline has focused on the French market, and the company has managed to maintain a solid sales growth in the country. Now, efforts have made Softline, through local retailers, to receive orders for furniture for the lounge areas in the stadiums mentioned. The furniture is special versions of some of Softline’s famous products.

Danish television has interviewed director Finn Sørensen, Softline, about the company’s success in the French market – see the interview here. (in Danish language).

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