Furniture culture at Culture Night

An upholsterer from Brdr. Petersen Polstermøbelfabrik is mounting leather on a Seal Chair, while the audience avidly follows the work.

At Friday evening, October 10th, the big annual Copenhagen event, Culture Night, took place. 75,000 Copenhageners strolled around the city to experience the numerous museums, public buildings and private institutions that were open to show the audience what is going on behind the facades.

One of the most attractive excursion destination was the headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industries, House of Industry, at the City Hall Square in central Copenhagen. In the atrium of the house, a number of Danish industrial companies had established workshops to show the visitors see how Danish industrial products are manufactured.

One of the companies was Brdr. Petersen Polstermøbelfabrik, Viby J. At the booth, skilled upholsterers demonstrated how some items of the plant’s upholstered classic furniture – including the Oda Chair by Nanna Ditzel and the Seal Chair by Ib Kofod-Larsen – are produced. It is uncommon for consumers to get the opportunity to see how upholstery craftsmanship is performed, and the visitors were very interested in attending the workflow.

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