Fumac in tomorrow’s maternity ward

The maternity ward with Fumac’s bed furniture to the left. (Photo: Emil Sanggaard)

Danish business furniture manufacturer Fumac has been involved in a new and exciting collaboration with the Regional Hospital in the city of Herning. The project aims to equip future maternity wards in hospitals in a way so that the woman in labour must spend as little time as possible in the patient bed.

The hospital’s midwives – in cooperation with the Danish midwife education – have wanted to create a new and modern maternity ward. Here, the expectant family can create a comfortable and safe atmosphere with sound, light, pictures and comfortable furniture. See a video of the future maternity ward here: Fumac IMG_7040.

Fumac’s contribution is the development of a new piece of bedding furniture, designed by house architect Lars Østergaard and produced by European House of Beds. The bed’s design is inspired by the classic chaiselongue, but its functionality is state of the art. These include a height-adjustable function and removable poufs – both to make the expectant parents feel comfortable and to provide the midwife with good working conditions.

The new maternity ward concept will initially be implemented in six maternity wards in the hospital in Herning, but at Fumac sees great prospects for spreading it to other hospitals, and not only in Denmark. This falls perfectly in line with Fumac’s strategy to continuously develop new markets and product areas.

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