Beautiful desk for the home

The new desk FUMAC AT 165-50 from Atom from Fumac unites practicality and beauty in the home. When the lid is open, a beautiful and stylish message board is conjured up for papers, notes and things that you want to display. You can also close the lid to get the creative clutter stored away.

The desktop is designed by Janni A.S. Pedersen, who had a combination of the old telephone switchboards and writing-desks in mind when she developed the product.

The desk is equipped with fine cable rosettes in wood, which makes it easy to connect the phone and computer to power without breaking the soft, pure style.  With movable partitions at the rear, you can determine the size of the compartments, so both the long rulers and the small paper clips are mastered.

The desktop is made of beech or oak and comes in several varieties: Beech lacquered, beech soap, beech white pigmented lacquer, oak soap, oak white oil, oak oil.

Atom from Fumac
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