FSC Design Award 2018 with new partners


FSC Denmark once again invites design and architect students to the Design Award.

The competition challenges future designers to be innovative and reconcile sustainability with good wood design.

Time and time again, the competition shows its worth. We have held the competition since 2006 and we can clearly see that the messages about FSC and sustainable wood are something the students remember. Today, we experience this when we meet with the design industry, which is increasingly represented by former participants.

Søren Dürr, Director of FSC Denmark

This year, the competition includes the idea of sustainability, also including the UN’s 17 world goals.

Therefore, the students are challenged to develop their designs to support one or more global goals in sustainable development.

The FSC Design Award is settled with contributions from and in collaboration with a number of FSC Denmark’s strategic partners.

The competition is among thers supported by: Kvist Industries, Formland, Jysk and FDB Furniture.

The prize ceremony will be held November 14th, 2018 in the Aller House.

Here all submitted 1:1 designs are displayed and the entire industry is invited to meet for common networking and inspiration.

See more on the website here.