Frigg from Dencon

The canteen chair Frigg from Dencon is designed by Italian Alessio Pozzoli.

The shell is made of polyurethane – a hard-wearing material that is easy to clean.

The chair has a “hole” in the back which both serves as a grip hole and provides flexible lumbar support.

Frigg is stackable and very easy to move around.

The chair comes with shells in 9 selected colors.

The seat is quite big and comfortable for a canteen chair and is also available in an upholstered version.

A beautiful, strong and useful chair.

See the presentation of Frigg here – or see more on the website here.

+45 9752 1722

In the Nordic mythology, Frigg is the name of Odin’s wife – one of the most prominent gods. Here Frigg is in the process of spinning the clouds.