Taro: Dining table without waste wood

fredericia_taroFirst assortment oak wood is a precious commodity that should be treated with accountability. Therefore,  Fredericia Furniture has long wanted to produce a massive dining table with a minimum of material waste of the often more than 150 year old wood.

This desire was translated into reality when world-renowned British designer, Jasper Morrison, suggested designing a dining table in solid knot-free oak. The table, which has been named Taro, is characterized by the milled grooves along the tabletop with 18 cm intervals, making it look like a traditional plank table. This also means that narrower oak staves for the tabletop can be used, thus reducing the wood offcut.

It has been Jasper Morrison’s ambition to create a table that continues the legacy of Børge Mogensen’s shaker tables – namely a solid and functional table, designed for everyday use. Taro is available in 3 different sizes, respectively 180 x 80 cm, 220 x 93.5 cm and 280 x 93.5 cm. Thus, Taro can be used in many different rooms.

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