Font collection from Møbel Copenhagen


Studio David Thulstrup has designed the collection of chairs named Fonts for Møbel Copenhagen.

The name refers to fonts that are also available in different variations to solve different functions.

The family of upholstered furniture includes both chairs, armchairs and bar stools with or without armrests.

Fonts are used in Thulstrup’s interior design of the showroom for the flooring company Dinesen and the furniture carpenter company Garde Hvalsø in Aarhus.

The photos show the meeting room with light blue FONT Regular Dining armchairs upholstered with Kvadrat textiles Vidar 3 and with a stainless steel frame.

I was inspired by the works of minimalist sculptors such as Carl Andre and Donald Judd on how to divide open space and create a calm and minimalistic background that highlights the rich Garde Hvalsøe history, products and craftsmanship.

David Thulstrup

A distinctive and recognizable design.

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Møbel Copenhagen
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PS! Møbel means furniture in Danish.

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