Flexa progress continues

Here are some of the newly developed products, which have contributed to Flexa’s revenue growth in 2014.

Extensive investments in reorganization, product innovation and market development have given the Danish children’s furniture manufacturer Flexa a noticeable increase in revenue. According to the company’s 2014 financial statements, a revenue of 293 million DKK has been reached, which is an increase of 7.4 percent from 2013.

The renewal of the product range has been a good investment; evident by that more than 30 percent of Flexa’s revenue in 2014 derive from products developed within the past 24 months.

Many new customers joined Flexa in 2014. This applies both in the main European markets where more than 150 new shop-in-shops were established, primarily in furniture stores in Germany, Austria and Norway. In the rest of the world, new franchise-based Flexa stores were opened in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

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