Finn Juhl at BLOX – The new Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen

Finn Juhl is part of the exhibition “Welcome Home”, which can be seen in the newly opened Blox, which houses the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen.

At the exhibition “Welcome Home” you can experience how the Danes’ way of living has changed over time and gain an insight into the home of the future.

See more about the exhibition in the video above. (Danish Speak)

In the exhibition you will find a living room decorated with Finn Juhl’s furniture, including the Poet sofa, the 45-chair, the sideboard and more.

Experience the Danish Architecture Center – the Welcome Home exhibition and Finn Juhl at the newly opened Blox in Copenhagen.

The exhibition runs from May 7th – September 23rd, 2018.

Danish Architecture Center
Bryghuspladsen 10

See more about the exhibition here.

Finn Juhl gets the last word:

Have you noticed these fine architectural themes, where you only dare to use the scale from white to black, the dark gray, and where you do not even dare to hang art on the walls, except for a small harmless abstract thing. It cannot be necessary to make our surroundings so dull when we have so many options.