Finn Juhl at auction

At Bruun Rasmussen’s upcoming auction, a set of 12 of Finn Juhl’s rare “Aegyptian Chairs” is presented.

I have – honestly admitted – stolen the construction (…). I also have to admit that I have been more impressed by the simplest and most elegant furniture from Egypt than by other furniture of the past.
Finn Juhl

The “Judas table” was designed in 1949 and manufactured by Juhl’s permanent partner, cabinetmaker Niels Vodder.

The two furniture pieces complement each other to a degree that many perceive them as a couple.

The table refers to the tale of Judas who received 30 silver coins to betray Jesus.

Over the tabletop, there are placed 30 coin-like plaques of silver in a geometric pattern that serve as instructions for how to set the table depending on the number of people.

Watch the video above.

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