Fiery soul cabinetmaker celebrates anniversary

Master cabinetmaker Gert Kjeldtoft (right) with his employees.

At June 3, 2016, master cabinetmaker Gert Kjeldtoft will celebrate his anniversary of 25 years in business. He was educated as a cabinetmaker in 1986 and established his own workshop in 1991. Since 2002, he has operated a joinery workshop with a combined showroom in Årslev near Aarhus. Here he presents, along with a handful of dedicated employees, many different products – primarily from solid wood, but also with an eye to possible combinations with other materials.

In addition to unique cuisines of his own design, which is one of the workshop’s best-selling products, he produces a number of chair and table models on order, as well as large orders of furniture for interior design projects and other specialty products. The clientele is predominantly Danish, but as far away as from Doha in Qatar, there has been demand for Gert Kjeldtoft’s expertise.

Gert Kjeldtoft is a member of a number of professional joinery organizations and associations. He has an extensive network of master craftsmen, architects and designers, and is often used as a sparring partner and co-developer on new projects and ideas. With his infectious enthusiasm and deep professionalism, Gert Kjeldtoft is an excellent ambassador for Danish cabinetmaker craftsmanship at its best.

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