Festive opening of “Skud på stammen”


Skud på Stammen (Newcomers) is an annual recurring workshop, where designers and cabinet maker apprentices from all over Europe meet to create new furniture.

The theme is this year is “The Land of Childhood”.

From a childhood memory, the designers are asked to design a modern piece of furniture, with the other span that it must be made of lime wood.

The opening was festive and characterised by a good atmosphere and many attendees.

See the pictures above or watch the video below to get an impression of the exhibition.

Behind this purposeful event that will leave its mark on the future of the Danish furniture scene, Next Education Copenhagen is in collaboration with FDB Møbler.

The exhibition can be experienced from 10 January to 11 March 2019 at:

Design Werck
Krudtløbsvej 12
1439 Copenhagen K

If necessary, see the video from the exhibition below: