Female furniture designers in focus

Grete Jalk is one of the female furniture designers presented at the exhibition at Trapholt. Here is an ad for her nesting tables from 1963. (Photo: Trapholt)

In 2015, it is 100 years ago since Danish women achieved the right to vote. This has been the opportunity for the art and design museum Trapholt in Kolding to present a special exhibition entitled “Women in Danish furniture design.”

The exhibition presents a number of prominent women, who since 1895 and until today have left their mark on Danish furniture design. And there is no doubt that this mark will be even stronger in the future: Today, women constitute more than half of the students at Danish design schools, and in the larger Danish furniture manufacturers, female furniture designers are responsible for about 1/3 of the new products.

In total, 65 female furniture designers are represented at the exhibition – including both pioneers from the 1900s as Nanna Ditzel, Grete Jalk and Bodil Kjaer as well as current active names such as Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz, Christina Strand, Stine Gam and others.

The exhibition will run until 24 January 2016. Read more here. www.trapholt.dk