Feel the pulse of contemporary Danish design

Furniture designer Kasper Salto’s Ice chair from 2002 is one of the furniture examples of innovative Danish design from the 21st century, which has proved its viability and therefore is displayed at Danish Design Now. The Ice chair is produced by Fritz Hansen.

On 13 November, Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen focuses on the contemporary Danish design scene with a new permanent exhibition called Danish Design Now. Here, everyone interested in design can explore a dense design universe and become acquainted with the 21st century’s most innovative, beautiful and surprising Danish design.

On a 350 sqm exhibition space, Danish Design Now presents a rich, yet selective choice of 300 examples of Danish design across the spectrum: Furniture for home and work, products for the body and home and graphic design – from street sign to beer labels. Everything shown at the exhibition is designed in the 21st century by leading and talented Danish designers and is still in production.

The Danish Design Now exhibition is, as mentioned, permanent, but will be continually renewed.

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