Family of chairs gets rejuvenation


The famous series of conference and canteen chairs, FourCast, from Danish furniture manufacturer Four Design, originally launched in 2005, has now undergone a redesign process which has made the chairs even more user friendly.

The new generation is called FourCast’2, and its features include the benefits of a larger shell, a simplified frame, lower weight and improved details. The chairs have, inter alia, glides of Teflon preventing noise when the chair is dragged across the floor.

The environment is also considered as FourCast’2 chairs are designed without screws, making it very easy to assemble the chair. It also provides a noise-reducing effect and facilitates the work with later separation of the chairs when they should be disposed of or recycled.

Fewer parts and longer life also mean that the chair has become even more economical to purchase.

Design: Strand+Hvass.

Four Design
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