Fair visits shall make furniture students smarter

29 furniture students from the Business Academy Aarhus travel next week to Stockholm Furniture Fair in order to describe trends and learn about trade fair participation. Photo: Maria Evald.

Last year, a new Danish education in the furniture and interiors industry was launched. The education is for marketing students, specializing in international business and design management, and it takes place at the Business Academy Aarhus as a two-year education.

The idea behind the education program is that the graduate students should be employed in sales and marketing departments in furniture and interior companies, helping the industry to make more money.

The first year of the education counts 29 students who will get a busy spring: They have to visit both the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February and the Milan Furniture Fair in April. In Stockholm, the students will meet Danish exhibitors, learn how to organize trade fairs and prepare trend analyses. And in Milan, the students will work with the Danish exhibitors to create questionnaires and collect data to produce market analyses to analyze the purchasing power in different product categories.

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