Experiment and process in Milan

Every year, the Danish MINDCRAFT exhibition is a fixed feature of the annual design week in Milan. It is also the case in 2014, when 12 craftsmen and furniture designers showcasing their work. This year’s contributions are very different, but they have in common that they are committed to show the creative process, especially the experimental exploration of materials and working methods.

In a time when industrial production processes becomes more and more alike all over the world,  experimental design points out new inspiration options that can renew the industrial production. Under the heading “Materializing beliefs”, MINDCRAFT therefore emphasizes the link between the artistic experiment and the actual product.

MINDCRAFT can be seen from 8 to 13th April in the design area Ventura Lambrate at Via Ventura 6.  Look for a preview and more information on http://mindcraftexhibition.com.


The dress rail Elements is one of the contributions to MINDCRAFT in Milan. Based on consideration of the function and use, designer Line Depping has created a basic element of steam bent ash wood. By increasing or reducing the number of elements, the size of the dress rail can be customized exactly to the current needs.