A Babel-like confusion of storage boxes


Babel is the name of a new beautiful box system, created by designer Philip Bro for Fredericia Furniture. The boxes are designed for storing small valuables such as jewelry.

Babel boxes are made of 3D printed nylon, which then is depth colored in anthracite black. The boxes are produced in nine different sizes and are sold in sets of three sizes together inside each other. The boxes may be placed side by side or stacked so that they form a small tower.

Designer Philip Bro has numbered every box size with its own beautiful engraving. All the numbers are written in different languages, each with its own alphabet. “I hope you might just stop and dwell on the alphabet beautiful graphics instead of always reading the numbers on the quickest and most effective way,” Philip Bro says.

The Babel boxes were first shown at the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition in 2013 and has since been developed, so they are now ready for commercial launch. The boxes are sold from Fredericia Furniture’s retail store in central Copenhagen.

Read more about Philip Bro here.

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