Enter the open-door office


At the beginning of the year, Montana staged a competition entitled Enter the open office.

Architects and designers around the world were invited to welcome their proposals into the workspace of the future.

Together with Frame and colour expert Margrethe Odgaard, Montana has now selected a winner of the competition.

And the winner was Kathrine Barbro Bendixen from Studio KBB and Tanita Klein with the concept “Everybody In”.

The winning proposal is based on the Montana system’s modules and creates five visual “personalities” interpreted as faces.

All the personalities are located in the same room: there are “Greeting Optimist”, “Lazy Lounge”, “Efficient Workaholic”, “Organized Know-it-all” and “Social Club”.

The different personalities are divided by function.

Each feature has a unique colour combination, and the room itself is kept in one colour, which emphasizes the individuality of the compositions.

The concept creates an open-for-all, welcoming environment that, with personalized furniture, challenges the typical office structure.

Visit the Frames website to read the interview with Margrethe Odgaard about the winning concept.

The winning proposal will be shown in Montana’s showroom in Copenhagen in connection with 3daysofdesign in September.

Click here to read more about the concept.

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