Elements for increased sales


At the Milan Furniture Fair, the Danish outdoor furniture company Cane-line introduced a brand new in-store shopping concept – named Cane-line Elements – the aim of which is to strengthen retailers’’ sales of Cane-line’s comprehensive home accessories program.

The concept consists of a special shelving display system specially designed for the presentation of the pillows, blankets, poufs, trays, baskets, stools and many other products, which make a growing complementary to Cane-line’s wide furniture program. With the Elements concept, retailers can choose to display just the products that suit the individual store’s profile and customer preferences.

The shelving system can be scaled up or down, depending on the retailer’s space and budget. Minimum, however, is two units with a total of 8 shelves. The shelves can stand freely in the store, providing access from both sides.

With the introduction of Elements, Cane-line expects to provide its retailers with a new powerful tool to address the modern and lifestyle-minded consumers. Much of the home accessories program can also be used indoor and can thus help to extend the sales season for Cane-line’s products.

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