Duba-B8 has become CO2 neutral on the web

A modern and responsible furniture manufacturer must constantly work to reduce its impact on the environment and the surroundings – both in the large and the small scale. This work is also done by Danish office furniture manufacturer Duba-B8, who has just gotten its website www.dubab8.com certified as CO2 neutral.

In practice, this means that Duba-B8 can prove a neutralization of its CO2 emissions, equivalent to the website usage. These figures include both the servers and the CO2 emissions of the users.

With the CO2 neutral website, Duba-B8 has taken a small but important step towards becoming a more sustainable company, where even small improvements make sense in the big picture.

The organization Ingen CO2 (Danish for No CO2) has issued the certificate. Ingen CO2 supports CO2 reducing projects and helps to build new renewable energy sources. Read more about Ingen CO2 here.

See Duba-B8’s certificate for CO2-neutral website here.