Dream kitchens in recycled wood

At Sønderborg Kitchen, they think it is a shame when good and very usable wood material often goes to waste when old buildings are renovated. At the same time, the recycling idea ranks high on the agenda of many consumers, but it has so far been difficult to combine recycling with new kitchens.

Therefore, the Danish kitchen manufacturer has partnered with the company Woodliving, who is a specialist in using recycled wood for furniture and interior design. The collaboration has resulted in the development of a brand new kitchen concept, where Woodliving is responsible for processing and manufacturing of the wood material, while Sønderborg Kitchen takes care of the kitchen design, production and delivery.

Each kitchen is unique, where the wood can be from e.g. a nice old church floor or ceiling beams from a manor house, a farmhouse or a castle. You can also choose different configurations such as with or without stripes, wide or narrow rods etc. If you want to know more about the background of the recycled timber, Woodliving will be happy to inform about this.

Read more about Wood Living here.

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