Double birthday for design buddies


Takashi Okamura and Erik Marquardsen.

A longstanding duo of Danish furniture design – architects Takashi Okamura and Erik Marquardsen, who together run the studio O&M design – can both celebrate their 65th birthdays in April 2014.

O & M Design was established in 1973, the year before Okamura and Marquardsen graduated from the School of Decorative Art, where they were classmates. Since then they have worked for a number of Danish and foreign furniture manufacturers, including Skipper Furniture, Getama and Brdr. Krüger.

Their Japanese-Danish background has always provided inspiration and new approaches to the design of furniture. Their vast experience and understanding of the furniture industry’s challenges are also the basis for many long-term cooperations.

As with most furniture designers of their age, retirement is an unfamiliar concept to Okamura and Marquardsen, who wants to continue the design work for many years.


Conference chair UNI from Skipper Furniture is one of the newest pieces of furniture from O&M Design.