Does feminist furniture design exist?


Rundkant members Katherine Marie Nielsen and Johanna Magoria have created the Connection chair, made of tampons.

Yes, believes Rundkant (Round Edge), which is a group of 22 female designers, architects and artists with many different backgrounds. They will prove the statement with a new furniture exhibition, which is currently displayed in Rundetaarn (Round Tower) in Copenhagen.

The exhibition is titled: “Don’t talk, just chat.” It refers to the Rundkant belief that considers dialogue as a very important element in the design process. In fact, storytelling is given priority rather than the final product, and therefore the members work in pairs, two by two, to reach a result.

Rundkant was founded in 2011 by a group of female designers who experienced that furniture design in particular showed an increasingly conservative trend. Therefore, Rundkant furniture operates in the boundary between art and design.

The 11 pieces of furniture exhibited on “Don’t talk, just chat” are very different, but all come with a story about breaking up existing norms and structures. The female expression is supported by the choice of materials such as velvet, fur, beads and tampons.

The “Don’t talk, just chat” exhibition will run until September 28. Read more at