DO NOT sit still in class


Researchers have shown that movement helps us to learn more efficiently. It is simply not healthy for either body or soul to sit down for too long at a time.

iMO-LEARN is something as innovative as an interactive piece of furniture to use for learning. The enlarged cube makes the students move significantly more in the classroom during lessons.

But the furniture can also be used for physical exercises and learning through movement.

Adding a motion sensor, the furniture converts into a digital learning environment, where students can answer questions by moving their iMO-LEARN.

The system can also be extended so that all responses from all iMO-LEARN cubes can be recorded on a blackboard. That way you can immediately see all the results.

It gives a whole new dimension to bodily based learning.

It has taken more than four years of work involving scientists and a serious lot of children to develop this unique approach to connecting mind, body and function.

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