dk3_6 Sideboard


Rainer Bachschmid is a German/Swiss designer with a unique craftsmanship approach to design.

His designs are characterised by a great passion for furniture made of solid wood and the use of raw, organic materials.

This is evident in the sideboard dk3_6 which he has designed for dk3.

The sideboard can be wall mounted or floor standing atop two slender steel legs.

The front consists of four doors formed of a single piece of wood.

It provides a serene and complete picture.

It is possible to replace one of the doors with two drawers.

A cutlery drawer, hidden behind one of the doors is also possible.

The sideboard comes in solid walnut, oak, wild oak or smoked oak with various surface treatments such as oil, matt lacquer, soap or white oil.

Steel legs in clear or black lacquer

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