Dining with Høffer


Høffer 810.

Chairmaker Kaj Høffer Larsen is an expert in sitting comfort. For many years he ran his own furniture factory, which produced a great number of wooden chairs for children and adults, with dining room chairs as a specialty. The company has since been taken over by the furniture factory Trekanten-Hestbæk, but Høffer continues as an independent chair developer.

Kaj Høffer Larsen’s working method differs from those of other furniture designers: When he gets the idea for a new chair, he starts always with making a 1:1 model of wood, which he then processes with spokeshave and other hand tools until the optimal seating comfort is achieved and actual construction drawings can be prepared.

This also applies to his latest dining chair, Høffer 810, which is characteristic because of the flexible net in the backrest that both shapes to the body and gives the chair a light and elegant look. The frame is solid oak.

On Høffer 810 – as in all Kaj Høffer Larsen’s other chairs – you will find a brass plate indicating its authenticity and originality and demonstrating that here is a Høffer chair in genuine handmade quality. In Denmark, Høffer 810 is exclusively sold through the furniture chain IDEmøbler.

Tel : +45 75 43 51 11