Dining table # 24 from Skovby


Skovby’s dining table # 24 is, according to Skovby, the most flexible and stable dining table on the market.

The table can grow to the extent of the task – it can be set for 8 to 20 people – expanded by more than three meters.

The dining table has a starting position for 8 people.

There are three additional plates in the magazine under the dining table top – so the dining table can be expanded to fourteen people.

In addition, you can buy three extra extensions so that the dining table can be fully utilized – this way the table can be set for up to twenty people.

Dining table # 24 is also available with laminate dining table top – Skovby High Pressure Silk Laminate.

Skovby’s laminate is incredibly durable with a silk mat surface and is very clean-friendly.

The dining table top in laminate is white with base in oak white oil, soap-treated oak or black wengé.

See more on Skovby’s website here.

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