Dine, drink, daze & dream


When you receive this newsletter, 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen has reached its day number two.

Then here’s a call:

Be efficient and experience 10 leading design brands in one exciting place, namely in Moltke’s Palæ at the end of Dronningens Tværgade.

Under the title Dine, drink, daze & dream, Cane-line, HUBE, Kvist Industries, Magnus Olesen, Kjeldtoft, PP Furniture, Skovby Furniture, Re-Beds, Fritz Hansen & WON are exhibiting.

Experience, for example, Repetition from Kjeldtoft.

The flexible joints form a bench that stretches like a sculpture through the foyer or forms a circle in the living room.

Repetition is made in oak and smoked oak that are smoked in Kjeldtoft’s own smokehouse.

The smoke process highlights the texture in the woods, making the wood slightly darker.

The bench can also be manufactured to order in other types of wood.

One of many innovative experiences that await you in Moltke’s Palæ.