Development cooperation created beautiful resting chair for hospitals

Many hospitalized patients do not need to lie in bed constantly, but will feel good if getting up for a few hours and resting in a good piece of seating furniture. But at Gentofte Hospital near Copenhagen, the staff was not satisfied with the existing range of chairs on the market, which did not meet the hospital’s requirements for ergonomics, hygiene, cleaning and aesthetics. Instead, they wanted a resting chair, which – in addition to meeting the functional and practical demands – also should be beautiful to look at, and at the same time should eliminate the feeling of illness and create a homely atmosphere. It was also a requirement that the chair both could be used on the wards and in the common areas in the hospital.

Therefore, initiative was taken to develop a new hospital resting chair in a collaborative project between Gentofte Hospital, furniture manufacturer Magnus Olesen, architect Lone Storgaard from design company Design Concern as well as a group of users.

The result has become the Solacia resting chair, which is manufactured in three versions – Lounge, Standard and High – with different back heights. In the high version, the backrest can be tilted 12 degrees by pressing a button in the armrest. The name Solacia is Latin and means ”to comfort”, ”to favor” and ”to give relief”.

As an accessory to the Solacia chair, a footstool with adjustable inclination of the seat surface is available.

Solacia’s scope is not limited to hospitals, but also includes nursing homes, senior citizen centers and other places where users need to be able to rest in a comfortable chair.

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