Designa: Pop-up pioneer of the kitchen industry

As the first Danish kitchen manufacturer ever, Designa has opened a temporary pop-up shop. It happened on January 21 in the large Field’s shopping mall  in Copenhagen, where the store will be open in appr. 3 weeks until February 13.

The occasion for the opening of pop-up shop is the introduction of Designa’s pioneering new kitchen concept, called Bricks by Designa. The concept breaks the kitchen down into smaller building blocks that can be combined in numerous ways, creating new opportunities for optimal placement of the features most used in everyday life. A leading new feature is that a drawer can take place across two modules. This allows the drawers to be placed right where it makes the most sense in terms of kitchen work.

“The Field’s pop-up shop enables us to create awareness of our new concept in an attractive area with  a huge customer base across the Oresund region and Copenhagen metropolitan area. In the store, consumers can both see and try the new products physically, and they can also get access to our interactive universe where they can design their own kitchen interior,” says Jacob K. Mortensen, who is marketing manager at Designa. He hopes that the pop-up shop will also generate more traffic on Designa’s other sales channels and in the 38 Designa stores in Denmark.

Tel.: +45 8688 3900