Daybed by Poul M. Volther


Poul M. Volther (1923 – 2001) was 27 years old when in 1950 he took over the management of FDB’s furniture office after Børge Mogensen.

He was like Mogensen convinced that furniture should help to improve everyday life for more people.

He developed modern, simple and functional furniture that could be mass produced in craftsmanship quality.

Poul M. Volther had both an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker and was educated as a furniture architect.

He left FDB’s furniture office in 1955 to take up a post as a lecturer at the School of Applied Arts.

In 1956 Poul M. Volther designed a daybed, which for many years was produced by the FDB.

The daybed was made of teak with webbing and padded mattress.

Trekanten Hestbæk has just resumed production of this classic. Now updated with totally comfortable foam and different types of wood including walnut.

Welcome back to a beautiful piece of furniture, which again has become fashionable – and congratulations to Trekanten Hestbæk.

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