Danish wood design in court

The International Criminal Court in the Dutch government city The Hague inaugurates its new headquarters in January 2016. The building is designed by the Danish architect office Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, who has asked the Danish artist and designer Eske Rex to create a sculpture for the building’s lobby.

It will be a spatial sculpture, consisting of six identical long bands of ash. Each of the bands is shaped as a circle with a long offshoot, perpendicularly pointing out from the circumference. The six bands are placed with the circles one above the other and with the offshoots located alternately opposite one another in the horizontal plane. As such, the sculpture symbolizes two folded hands that closes protective around a space.

The sculpture, which in total will be 9 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.4 meters high, will be placed hovering above the welcome desk at the court building’s lobby, and LEDs will be built into it. With its organic form of wood and the soft light, the sculpture forms an effective contrast to the rest of the building, which is made of glass, stone and steel.

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