Cube Design gets a design boost

The students were given the opportunity to study the production site of Cube Design.

Danish office furniture manufacturer Cube Design has opened its doors to a group of young design engineering students from Aalborg University, which is to present proposals for new ways of utilizing the company’s production plant.

It is part of the Cube Design’s participation in the Design Boost project, which aims to raise awareness of the design options for value addition among the wood and furniture enterprises.

Earlier in 2015, Cube Design launched the new and innovative V bookcase series, which from the start had a lot of positive publicity – due to the impact-resistant ABS edges of the corner lists. The success meant that Cube Design became aware of the opportunities for value addition, which a company can achieve by launching innovative design.

In September this year, Cube Design joined the Design Boost project, and a group of design engineering students visited the factory in Hammel, where they were given an introduction to the company and were presented to the problems, which, in short, are about to find out how the company’s existing machinery can be utilized for the production of new, innovative products. The students must be both innovative thinking and at the same time relate to the actual production facilities that the company possesses.

The project ends at the end of January 2016.

The Design Boost project implemented in cooperation with the Innovation network Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing.

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