Coupé Sofa from 1936 by Frits Henningsen


The Danish cabinetmaker Frits Henningsen was a perfectionist – which is evident in his elegant Coupé Sofa from 1936, which is now added to the Carl Hansen & Son collection.

The Coupé sofa with the model number FH436 – comes in oak and walnut with different surfaces and upholstered in either leather or textile with inner armrests and leather chains.

The proportions in Frits Henningsen’s coupe sofa are perfect, and the furniture cutter has succeeded in creating a very rigorous and straightforward piece of furniture that goes into dialogue with both modern and classic furniture and space. The sofa is classic, and the expression is elegantly understated, and it is mostly the combination of sublime materials and beautiful craftsmanship that first hits the eye. Since then, it’s the small subtle details, like the small inner armrest and the unbroken chain that defines the design, 

Knud Erik Hansen, Director

The truth is that the truth lies in the detail!

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