Contour Chair by Børge Mogensen


Carl Hansen & Son reintroduces the iconic Contour Chair which was on display for the first time at the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Furniture Exhibition in 1949.

Børge Mogensen’s Contour Chair with the model number BM0949 has a solid wooden frame with inclined legs and a curved and rearward-facing veneer seat.

The back piece, which gives the chair its distinctive expression, is a thin, form-moulded veneer shell equipped with two organically shaped back cuts, which makes it possible to bend the backrest and put it in tension in the seat of the chair.

The Contour Chair is made of oak, walnut and a combination of these two varieties with different surfaces.

The chair’s tap joints are finished with wedges in contrast wood, and the seat of the chair is upholstered in either leather or textile.

Contour Chair demonstrates Børge Mogensen’s versatility and talent.

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