Chieftains Chair sold for 860,000 kr.


There was a new record, when Bruun Rasmussen recently held auction of Scandinavian design furniture.

A chiefs chair by Finn Juhl was sold at the auction for the price of 860,000 kr.

It is a new record for a Chieftain Chair at Bruun Rasmussen.

The furniture is made of teak by Niels Vodder.

The Chieftain Chair is considered the flagship of Finn Juhl’s work.

According to Finn Juhl the chair got it’s name after Frederik IX tried it on the Cabinetmaker Guild Exhibition in 1949.

A reporter subsequently asked Finn Juhl, if the chair should be called The King Chair, but the architect found it was too pretentious, so he replied, rathr call it The Chieftains Chair.

Finn Juhl was originally trained as an architect, but it was furniture design, crafts and decor that was his main occupation.

With its organic, sculptural styling he renewed Danish furniture art and became one of the most influential personalities in the design movement “Danish Modern”.

His interior design of the Trusteeship Council Chamber at United Nations Headquarters in New York today stands out as an architectural masterpiece.