Check in at Room 506

The interior of Room 506 – in the middle rear is the Drop Chair, while the armchair and coffee table are designed by Jaime Hayon.

One of the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen’s major works is the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen from 1958, for which Jacobsen created later so famous Swan and Egg chairs. This legacy is still remembered in the hotel’s Room 606, which is decorated exclusively with Arne Jacobsen’s furniture. The room is very popular among international design tourists when they visit Copenhagen.

Earlier this year, design furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen, who produces Arne Jacobsen’s furniture, relaunched the Drop Chair that also originally was designed for the Royal Hotel, but never went into commercial production. Based on this relaunch, Fritz Hansen now asked one of its successful young furniture designers – Spanish Jaime Hayon – to completely design another room at the Royal Hotel. This room – Room 506 – is furnished with a number of Hayon’s furniture designs – and of course the Drop Chair.

In his decor of Room 506, Jaime Hayon has clearly been inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s classic color schemes. The result is a proof that two designers can easily share the same ideals of organic shapes, exclusive materials, craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities, although there is an interval of 50 years between their works.