Chairman with great sales talent

In 1992, the newly established furniture company Hansen & Sørensen was approached by the young furniture designer Henrik Tengler, who carried an exciting project under his arm: A new-designed conference chair that was both beautiful and practical. And not only that – he also had the first customer ready, as the big international consulting group Andersen Consulting had chosen the chair for the furnishing of its forthcoming Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen.

After some negotiations, the furniture entrepreneurs came to an agreement with the designer, and the conference chair – which was named Chairman – came into quantity production. So it has been ever since, and although Hansen & Sørensen some years ago was renamed Onecollection, the Chairman is unchanged the best-selling piece of furniture in the company’s history, with more than 50,000 copies sold.

On the occasion of Onecollection’s 25th anniversary, Chairman has been launched in a brand new version with a frame of black painted steel and raw brass.

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