Early Wegner chairs revisited


Reappearing after more than six decades: Lounge chair CH22 (left) and dining chair CH26.

In 1949, Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner initiated a cooperation with furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son, and in the following time as a series of light wooden chairs was born. One of them – CH24 – even became a world success later on under the name Wishbone Chair.

The very first result of the cooperation was, however, the CH22 lounge chair, which was launched in 1950. The chair has many fine joinery details such as the finger-jointed corners of the seat frame, the high backrest in veneer with the elongated cover plugs and the characteristic curved armrests. This is quite a complex construction, and it was probably the reason that the chair after a time was taken out of production.

Modern production technology has now made it possible to produce CH22 in a rational manner, and therefore Carl Hansen & Son decided to relaunch the chair at this year’s furniture fair in Stockholm. However, there is still a high degree of artisanship in the process – from assembly and surface treatment to the weaving of the paper yarn seat.

Along with CH22, Wegner also designed a dining chair, constructed by the same principles and in the same idiom. This chair, which had the model designation CH26, however, never came in production, and not even a prototype exists. Now, CH26 has also been put on the market, perhaps as one of the oldest debutants at the Danish furniture scene ever. Compared to the original drawings, the chair is modified slightly and made 2 cm higher, because today’s people and table heights are greater than in the 1950es.

Both CH22 and CH26 are available in solid oak and walnut as well as a combination of the two types of wood. They are expected to arrive in stores in May 2016.

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