Carl Hansen & Søn acquires business park

Increasing activity and growing demand have forced design furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son to expand its production capacity. This is why the furniture company now takes over the entire business park in the city of Gelsted on Funen. So far, Carl Hansen & Son has two production halls in the business park, and thanks to the acquisition, the company will have a total of 37,000 sqm of production area in one place. The plan is that Carl Hansen & Son’s current factory in Aarup eventually will move to the new facilities.

In 2015, Carl Hansen & Son increased its workforce by 39 new employees, both involved in the production and in staff functions, and this is a trend that will continue, says CEO Knud Erik Hansen: “We are in a fantastic development. Every year, Carl Hansen & Son doubles the figures on the personnel side. It’s a trend we expect will continue in the future, particularly in the production and in the international sales force. It is interesting to look back on this growth we have experienced since we moved from 3,500 square meters in Odense in 2002 to the new facilities in Gelsted, which are 10 times larger. Carl Hansen & Son is indeed a proof that production in Denmark is competitive.”

Carl Hansen & Son had a turnover in 2015 of 366 million DKK, and expects to reach 420 million DKK this year. 70 per cent of revenues are generated in export markets.

Carl Hansen & Son
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