Cane with a seat from Kjeldtoft


In connection with the Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition last year, Torben Skov worked with Cabinetmaker Kjeldtoft.

At the exhibition, which was held at Thorvaldsens Museum, the result of the collaboration was shown – a walking cane in beech wood, with a handle that flips over and forms a seat for a small rest.

The exhibited cane attracted attention, and now the Danish Arts Foundation has acquired a copy, to the benefit of the exhibitors.

The cane is made from beech, which is being bent at an angle and shaped in hand.

It is an excellent acknowledgement of our work.
Gert Kjeldtoft

Last year, the same Cabinetmaker Kjeldtoft also sold the bench “repetition” even to the Danish Arts Foundation.

See more at the web page here.

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