Cancelled vacations turn into new kitchens


The prolonged closure of Denmark has led many homeowners to use both their time and their private finances differently.

The kitchen company Aubo experiences that several customers have to cancel a planned holiday and instead choose to invest in an upgrade of their home in the form of a new kitchen.

There is an increased interest in buying Danish – it means that Aubo is a 100% Danish company, the customers feel that they are helping to keep the wheels running.

In the 22 Aubo stores, customers find that they are a little reluctant to meet physically in the store, although various precautions have been taken with, among other things, discounting and a limited number of customers in the store at a time.

Instead, more than twice as many catalogues have been ordered on-line over the past month.

Just as never before have so many video meetings been held with customers, where the kitchen consultant moves around the store’s showroom to show the customer different kitchens and details.

On the whole, time is spent on more digital interaction – customers much appreciate reviewing a drafted kitchen proposal in virtual reality.

We can hear the feedback from our dealers that many customers have chosen to advance a planned kitchen purchase because they have had to cancel their holiday due to the corona situation.

Torben Andersen, Managing Director Aubo

The pictures show a kitchen that is currently offered as an alternative to a charter trip for the family.

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