Cabinetmaker Stories: La Petite Poule Rouge

In the next editions of, we present selected furniture from this year’s edition of the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, which is currently displayed on Øregaard Museum near Copenhagen. The theme of the exhibition is Petit, which means that every piece of furniture must not exceed 60 x 60 cm basal area.


Designer Jakob Kamper’s contribution is inspired in the world of fairytales, specifically in the story of the little hen who unsuccessfully is asking the other animals for help, but ends up taking care of herself. The result has been the chair La Petite Poule Rouge – a small triangular thing in red-lacquered wood with three legs and a pointed nose. The chair has three identical legs, placed in a clear geometry. The back is made of compressed wood and is shaped like a circular arc, which also serves as a handle.

The chair is made in collaboration with manufacturers Skovby and Davinde Sawmill.