Cabinetmaker Kjeldtoft in new exclusive partnership


In connection with the launch of a new design in slate tables, the company Bente Rübner has established a partnership with Møbelsnedkeri (cabinetmaker) Kjeldtoft in Aarhus.

For the last 13 years, Bente Rübner has produced tables of 150-year-old slate roof panels, taken down from architectonic gems throughout Denmark.

In this new design, the unique and soft surface of the slates will be combined with oak, so the table as a whole appears as a pure natural in an exceptionally beautiful color.

The corner joints in the soap treated, massive frame are elegantly made as double mitre joints, showing what the cabinetmakers in Kjeldtoft are capable of.

The table dimensions are: length 1223 mm, width 619 mm and height 500 mm.

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