The butterfly gets North Jutland colors

The popular Butterfly shell chair, created by designer Niels Gammelgaard for furniture manufacturer Magnus Olesen, is now available with shells painted in a new, harmonious color scheme, drawn up by the artist Puk Lippmann, who also designed for other famous Danish design brands such as Georg Jensen.

It is nature in North Jutland, which has inspired Puk Lippmann to the color gamut, and it is no coincidence. The production of Butterfly chairs takes place at Magnus Olesen’s plant in North West Jutland, and Puk Lippmann herself is residing in Skagen in the far north of Jutland.

Thus, the colors are named after North Jutland place names – Tuen gray, Asdal lavender, Hulsig green, Jerup purple, Raabjerg sand, Durup yellow, Skiveren blue, Thise white, Sindal black and Jerup heather.

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