BM0865 Daybed by Børge Mogensen


Børge Mogensen has designed BM0865 Daybed, which was first shown in 1958 at the Carpenters’ Furniture Exhibition.

BM0865 features cylindrical headrests and armrests, rectangular back pads and a soft cushion for physical comfort. The frame is made of the compact and flawless inner core of the oak trunk.

The elongated legs, the taper joints and the sturdy construction are typical of Børge Mogensen’s craftsmanship and thinking.

Børge Mogensen was a passionate football fan and to demonstrate Daybed’s popular strength it was photographed with a team of young footballers – the photograph gave the daybed the nickname ‘The Football Couch’.

Børge Mogensen’s daybed is an excellent example of the architect’s free way of thinking and perception of what he considered the optimal relaxation furniture. Its classic round and calm lines fit well with the rest of the Carl Hansen & Søn family. It becomes a popular place to gather, and maybe there will even be a fight for the seats!

Knud Erik Hansen, Director

BM0865 is an extremely versatile design that can be used as a daybed, sofa, bed or as a lounge set.

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